Friday, January 28, 2011

Our 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Last week, we celebrated our first anniversary of moving into our new house!! Yippee! It was a looong road, but we finally moved into our perfect home.

After lots of discussions, prayers and number-crunching, we decided to build. Here are a few pics to chronicle our building process. We couldn't be happier with our house-of course, I'm starting to get the itch to make changes & updates.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting more about our spaces.


Here's where it all started...our lot!! Sept 09

We were surprised by how quickly the house was framed! Nov 09

Our first time actually walking around inside OUR house!  Nov 09

So, so, so exciting!! It's really coming together!! Nov 09

Garage door & windows! Yippee!! Dec 09

Brick work and siding! They really rolled to get things done!! Dec 09

Kan likes what he sees! Dec 09

Kan & Tim in our living room! Dec 09

Tim looking into our kitchen!! Dec 2010

We drove back by that night and they'd finished the brickwork & siding! Dec 09

Our kitchen cabinets went in! Dec 09

Kan and his buddy posing in the sunroom!

Getting ready to add the pad & carpet in the entry room! Dec 09

Exciting that the Ebony railing is in! Dec 09

A lot of work=a lot of dust!! Ick!

Loft area getting ready for the flooring! Dec 09

Overlooking the entry area! Dec 09

Our Master bathroom-a work in progress!! Dec 09

Living Room during our final walk through! Dec 09

The sunroom has come a loooong way!! Dec 09

The kitchen cleaned up pretty well-just add stainless appliances!! But love the counters!!

Loft area after carpeting!! Dec 09

Upstairs view from the loft area- Dec 09!

Master bedroom! Dec 09

Just add a driveway & we'll be good to go!

We were so excited to move in that we forgot to take pics that day!! Oops!! Feb 10

Our backyard after moving in! Feb 2010


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I was reading through your posts and I like it. I will be back.

BTW - I am jealous that you had a brand new house built in 5 months, and we can't even finish renovating our kitchen in that amount of time. LOL!