Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 17: Valentine's Day Countdown

There's something about the holidays that gets me all giddy inside! I enjoy celebrating and the holidays are no exception. Around Christmas, it's fun to countdown all the days of December leading up to the big day. Why not apply the same concept to other holidays, namely Valentines Day.

I wanted to make something quick & fun to help us celebrate the first 14 days of February and came up with this simple idea-A Valentine's Day Countdown Jar.

Construction was simple-I just cut a few pieces of assorted scrapbook paper into small squares and wrote a simple Valentines Day activity for each of the first 14 days of February.

Each square was numbered ( I used heart stickers to number mine), taped shut (no peeking) and tossed into a simple vase that I had under the sink. You can get all fancy decorating the vase, but I just glued a simple Countdown label onto cardstock and used double sided tape to make it stick.

Toss the cards into the vase and pull one out on each day-starting Feb 1st.

Our 14 day countdown includes:

Feb 1- Create our own Valentines Day cards.
Feb 2-Go to Dunkin Donuts for a Valentines Day treat.
Feb 3-Watch a Valentines Day movie. Charlie Brown anyone?
Feb 4- Enjoy a little wine and alone time once the kids are down.
Feb 5-Invite friends over to decorate cookies!
Feb 6- Spread some Valentine's Day cheer by volunteering to feed the homeless.
Feb 7-Kick start the week with a couple of love notes.
Feb 8-Get our hearts pumping by heading to the gym for a workout & lunch!
Feb 9-Have a heart-donate toys & clothes to the local women's shelter.
Feb 10-Meet Dad for brunch at Cracker Barrel.
Feb 11-Enjoy some Valentine's day hot cocoa-add whipped cream and red sprinkles! Yum!
Feb 12- Family outing to the zoo or Children's Museum!
Feb 13-Enjoy some heart-shaped pancakes or french toast for breakfast!
Feb 14-Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hope that you and your family enjoy counting down the days to Valentine's Day!!

Please share what your family does to make the holidays special?


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Anonymous said...

All great ideas, would be interested to hear suggestions from others on how to celebrate.