Friday, January 14, 2011

31 Days of Simple Blessings: Day One-There's No Such thing as Perfect

Good morning! So, my hubby has been on me ever since I started obsessing talking about blogging!!! So, to really get things going, I'm challenging myself to blog for 31 straight days. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to share something every day!

As mothers I think we get caught up in feeling like every detail of every day needs to be perfect which just sets us up for failure. I learned a valuable lesson one morning while making breakfast for my five-year old Kanon! His fave way to start a cold winter day is with a big bowl of Cream of Wheat! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and there have been mornings where I'll literally make it and toss it. Only to try to make a smoother, more perfect bowl for him.

One morning while I was rushing to make his Cream of Wheat (some butter, sugar, cinnamon and a bit of milk), I was devastated that it turned out a bit lumpy. We had things to do that morning, so I knew that I couldn't make another bowl, so I handed it over-lumps and all. A funny thing happened-HE SCARFED IT DOWN without a single complaint.

The next morning, I wasn't in a hurry, so I took my time making him what I thought was the most perfect bowl of Cream of Wheat. As I plopped it down in front of him, he took one bite and said, "Aww mom, there aren't any lumps in it! I like the lumps better!"

My cutie pie with his Cream of Wheat

I was in shock-all these years of stressing myself out over something as simple as a bowl of breakfast cereal and it didn't matter one bit. I think that in his eyes, the lumps represented love and effort which is really all that kids want from us.

So, today's simple blessing is that there's no such thing as perfect!! Just do the best that you can do and don't sweat imperfections. Sometimes they make life tastier!! 

Please share your comments! What lessons have you learned about striving to be a "perfect" mom, wife, friend, etc?



Carly said...

WOW Tauj! That was beautiful! I plan to leave a more detailed comment later, but I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you! You are an amazing Mommy and a fantastic best friend!! Keep on inspiring people! Love you! xoxo

DeborahM said...

That is so funny and boy can I relate. Mine is about oatmeal and hotcakes: thinking I was being so considerate and made cooked oats instead of the instant kind in the packets and was told that they really liked the instant ones better. Heck they are alot faster too. Seems some times the simple things that might save us time and money suit their wants/needs.

Hotcakes are a funny thing, they start out warm and then you put room temperature syrup on them. Not me I like my syrup hot and served it to my kids that way. Their stepmother didn't and the kids would say, "at our mom's house she heats the syrup for your pancakes." The things kids say. My kids are now grown and now I do this for my grandchildren. I hope they always remember me for that simple thing I do that not everyone does.

Ayanna said...

Perfection is such a heavy weight.