Monday, January 17, 2011

31 Days of Simple Blessings: Day Four-Make Every Day a Holiday

Isn't it funny how there's something about the holidays that makes us go all out? So much effort goes into setting the table for that one  or two special days (Thanksgiving & Christmas), but most of us hardly make use of our beautiful dishes & place settings.

Mediterranean Chicken with Angel hair pasta
I thought about this last month while celebrating our first Christmas dinner in our dining room. We'd lived in our home for almost a full year and yet this was the very first time that we used this room-and not for lack of a table or other reasons that keep people out of certain rooms. This was actually one of the first rooms that we completed upon moving in.

Since Christmas, I've made it a point to set the table to a T & enjoy our evening dinners in our dining room. And it's been lovely! It's such a simple thing that makes meals so much more enjoyable than sitting in the kitchen nook and watching the evening news during dinner.

This applies to other things we own too! Why is it that we keep some of our most beautiful things (jewelry, clothing, even good champagne & wine) stashed away only to be used for special occassions?

Make every day a holiday! It's such a quick and simple pick me up to enjoy something special on a typical day. This is something that I'm embracing in 2011.  I hope that you'll stop waiting and start enjoying more too!