Me and my boys-days after Kolton's arrival!

 So, my name is Tauja and I'm new to this wonderful world of blogging! The hardest part of starting my blog has been picking a name and deciding what to blog about. I decided on Simply Mod Mom because I love every moment of being a mom-the good, the bad and the ugly!!

My blog will share tips on housekeeping, organizing, delicious recipes, decorating on the cheap and the perils of parenting!

My boys-Kan & Kolt
About My Family-God has blessed me with two incredible boys.  My five-year old, Kanon Dane, is truly the most loveable, charming and amazing little guy. He's intelligent, athletic and hilarious. My eight-month old, Kolton Eli, is my inquisitive little one! He truly has his own unique personality and is wise beyond the few months he's been on this Earth. My boys are my angels!!

Hubby Tim & my boys
I know it's cliche, but I've married my very best friend. My hubby Tim is handsome, handy, faithful, patient and so much more. Being his wife means the world to me! I cherish my family more than words can express and my ultimate goal is to make our lives as beautiful, comfortable and delicious as I possibly can.

My hobbies include real estate (I'm a licensed Realtor), bargain shopping (love, love, love Goodwill & garage sales), decorating (on the cheap) & organizing our home (also on the cheap), cooking and just plain being a mom & wife!!

Simply Mod Mom will give you a glimpse into my life and my home. I'll share decor tips, adventures, recipes and more! Enjoy!!