Friday, February 11, 2011

From crib-to-toddler bed: Kolt's Big Boy Room Inspiration

He's sprouting two new teeth, starting to stand up all by himself and he'll be walking any day now. So, I've started compiling ideas for his toddler/big boy room!! He'll be making the transition from his tiny nursery, into the room next to Kanon's-so this will be a major change!

We're still a few months away, but I like to stay ahead of the game!!

Here are a few of the cute things I'd  love to decorate it with!!

Furniture: Although our current crib converts to a toddler bed, I'm actually thinking about selling it and buying a toddler bed in a darker finish. I love the espresso sleigh bed below!! I'm also loving the bookcase-so perfect!! Both are available at JC Penney.
Toddler Bed by ABC Company-JC Penney

Help Yourself Bookcase-JC Penney
Espresso Madison 7-Drawer Chest-JC Penney

 Bedding: Of course, bedding is one of the most important aspects of his big boy room. I actually already purchased a sports themed toddler bedding set (found it on Clearance at Target), but I'm not sure that I want his room to be so similar to Kanon's.

Soo...I love both styles below, but am actually leaning towards the Dr. Seuss bedding since it'll be educational & decorative at the same time.


Dr Seuss Toddler bedding set-Kohls &
Dwell Studio For Target Bedding
Accessories: This will be the easy part, especially with the Dr. Seuss theme! I'd like to put random letters and shapes around theroom to coordinate with the bedding set. I love that it'll not only be cute, but educational as well! Plus, it'd be easy to frame some old Dr. Seuss covers and use them to decorate the room too!
Trend Lab ABC Dr Seuss

Paint: We haven't painted any rooms in our house yet (needed to wait for our 12-month drywall and paint touch up-which should be done by the end of next week), so I'm itching, just itching to get some color in the boys bedrooms. Kanon's room will be first, then I'll tackle Kolton's room.

Brandon Beige-Benjamin Moore paints

Seedling-Benjamin Moore Paints

Sweet Daphne-Benjamin Moore Paints

So, I know that I'm just a bit ahead of the game...but I'm looking forward to transforming his room! The goal is to have his room completed before August! That gives me 6 months to ponder & plan!! I will definitely share his new big boy room once it's ready!!

Thanks for popping by!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Kolt's big boy room inspiration!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Spaces: Kolton's Nursery

Since my last blog went on and on about how much I love to save money, I figured I'd stick with that theme and show you how we put together Kolton's nursery on a super dooper budget.

Furniture: Were purchased at Target during their Huge Baby Sale. He has the Graco Lauren crib in white. The mattress was free with the purchase of a crib and the crib was marked down 20% so we paid around $150 for the set.

Trust me, it was so tempting to get a crib via Craigslist, but I got a bit freaked out with all of the recalls and figured this would be our one splurge. I did manage to find a very cheap glider & ottoman on Craigslist for $25. The cushions were pink, so I recovered them with chocolate faux suede fabric. Total cost: $175 approx

Graco Lauren crib in white from Target

Changing table: I purchased this adorable changing table at our local Goodwill! It was love at first sight!! It was $25, plus 50% off. It was a wacky neon green (why someone painted it that color I will never know), so it took a couple cans of spray paint (which I already had)! The new changing pad & cover were purchased at Baby Depot (Burlington Coat Factory) for around $20. Total cost: $35 approx

Goodwill changing table

Bedding: I snagged this adorable Dwell Studio Elephants crib bedding when it was on clearance so I paid around $15 total for the bumper, crib sheet, crib skirt. Then I lucked out and found another crib skirt at Goodwill for a couple buck-I used that to do a few accents throughout the room. Total: $20

Dwell Studio for Target Elephants bedding

Artwork: The big cardboard block letters were a bit pricier than I wanted to pay at JoAnn's (regular $4/each), so I waited to buy them when they were on sale for half off. The other frames were purchased at Michael's when they were (you guessed it 50% off) so the two frames were $5. I used coordinating scrapbook paper and did a freehand sketch of the Dwell elephants to center in the frames.

The vinyl rub-on "Every child is a story to be told", was purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $10. It was 50% off-notice a theme!! Voila-artwork on the cheap!!Total: $30 approx.

I repurposed this Goodwill shelf used in Kan's old nursery. I'd painted it white and added the block & star!

Another Goodwill item I repainted & repurposed from Kan's nursery! How cute are the tiny outfits?

Vinyl Rub-on from Hobby Lobby

Storage: I also re-used Kanon's old dresser/chest (cost:free to me)!! It's the perfect size for storing clothes, blankets and other misc things. I found another basket at Michael's (on sale for $10) and used small letters to spell out his name. This basket is the perfect catchall for his tiny baby toys. I pull it down so he can play with his toys, then put it back up when he's done. Helps to keep things organized!

Again, I bought a basket from Goodwill ($.99) then spray painted it white and used my glue gun to put Dipes & Wipes on it. I found an adorable fabric covered basket at Michael's ($6, I think-it was 50% off). It has baby written all over it in different fonts & shades of brown and white. The two white baskets were Dollar Tree buys-one holds his baby knick knacks & the other is for his tiny towels and washcloths. Total Cost: $20

Lighting: I lucked out by finding the most perfect and adorable lamp at Goodwill for $4.99!! Score! I had another lampshade that fit perfectly and voila-a nice, functional touch to finish off Kolt's nursery!! Total Cost: $5
This lamp doubles as a nightlight. The lamp is on top and the bottom square is the nighlight.

Modular unit is currently being used as a makeshift nightstand! Perfect for holding books & mags.

So, there you have it! Kolt's nursery! Done on a shoestring budget as always!
Crib & Rocking Chair=$175
Changing Table & Pad=$40
Total Cost: $290
I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nursery Decor tips & Inspiration

So, right now three of my very best girlfriends are pregnant!! I thought it'd be fun to share some  nursery decor inspiration!! I'll share my soon-to-be 9 month old, Kolt's nursery within the next day or two! For now, enjoy these nursery ideas & tips!

Simple Nursery Planning tips:

1) Furniture: The options are endless when it comes to picking out baby furniture. It helps to know the color, then decide from there.  Try not to go overboard and just stick to the basics. You'll need a crib ( I tend to like convertible ones so that they grow with your little one), changing table and dresser. It's also nice to have My fave links to baby furniture: Target, Overstock, Babies R Us.

Graco Lauren in Chocolate-Target

Mission Bay Furniture Collection in White-Target

Chloe Rocker & Ottoman Set- JC Penney

Best Sweetheart Rocker and Ottoman-JC Penney
2. Decide on a theme or color scheme. For Kolton's nursery, I knew that I wanted baby blues and chocolate but wasn't set on a theme. I lucked out by finding Dwell Studio Elephants on clearance at Target. I used this theme to help shape the rest of the room. Check out these beautiful Dwell Studio bedding sets. So lovely!

3. Personalize: It's cute and easy to jazz up your baby's space by personlizing it. Use letters to spell out their name above their crib, include embroidered blankets & pillows or applying vinyl rub-ons to the walls are easy ways to make your nursery even sweeter.


Espresso Capital
Round rug with animal print
Cute Birdie Wall Decal
Cute birdie wall


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I Love Goodwill

Polos for Kanon-$1 each

So, today I was reminded why I love Goodwill so very much! Not that I needed reminding, but scoring some great deals always sweetens the deal!

Our local Goodwills have 50% off on the first Saturday of every month. That's 50% off of any and everything! Unbelievable!  It is normally a circus in there on 50 off Saturdays, but the snow detoured a lot of shoppers from venturing out today!! I popped by tonight and practically had the whole shop to myself! Big smile!!

I spent a whopping $33.17 and walked out of there with a bag ful of brand-named goodies for my boys. I had to learn the hard way that it just doesn't pay to spend a lot on kids clothes. With my oldest, I spared no expense-he had the best of the best. But I soon realized that I was throwing money away-so now, I shop much smarter and I'm not too proud to incorporate a little (or a lot of) Goodwill into their closets. Especially since they typically have all of the same brand names that I normally like to buy, but without the hefty brand name prices!

For $33, I bought: 22 kids shirts (mostly Gap, Baby Gap, Polo & Old Navy-$1 each), 1 pair of Baby Gap jeans, 6 pairs of shorts & pants (again Gap, Baby Gap, Gymboree & Old Navy-$1 each), one Carter's onesie outfit and a brand new box of 32 NBA Valentine's ($.50).

Brand new box of 32 NBA Valentines with tattoos-paid $.50

Old Navy Camo fleece for Kan-$1

Adorable polos from Baby Gap

Polo shirt & Baby Gap cargo shorts-$1 each

Super cute cargos for Kan-$1

Gap pants & tee for Kolt

Nice polos for Kan-$1 each
Polo button down shirt-$1
Old Navy shirt & Baby Gap jeans
back of the Old Navy shirt-love it!!

Fun Goodwill Fact: Did you know that the reason they simply put plastic tags on their clothing items is so that you can take things home, wash them, try them on and return them if they don't fit. All clothing can be returned within 7 days with the tag intact and your receipt! How cool is that?

Need I say more??

Are you as hooked on Goodwill as I am? What recent Goodwill purchases have you made?