Saturday, January 15, 2011

31 Days of Simple Blessings: Day Two-Embrace every season

Tim & I enjoying a date night in Orlando!!
So, here I's day two of my 31 day blogging challenge and I nearly forgot to power up my computer to post a quick blog!!

Anyways, I'm going to start off by saying that I used to be so much fun. I was like 4-1-1 in that friends would call me to find out where the party was or what club would be jumping on any given night. Oh-how quickly things change. I'd like to think that getting married and having kiddos has a thing or two to do with that!!

It's Saturday night and the hubby and I are just getting back in from a fun-filled, no holds barred date night.  My wonderful sister is in town and offered to watch the kids for the night, so although we had absolutely nothing planned-we gladly accepted few hours without the kiddos.  After driving around twiddling our thumbs for a good 20 minutes, we decided to grab a bite to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Abuelo's. I honestly felt a bit naked without my boys, but it's always nice to enjoy a meal and some adult conversation, even though in our case it still centered around Kolt & Kan.  Especially when we got the call from my sis asking if my nearly 8-month old can have milk! I'm just glad she called first-sigh!

After eating dinner, we ventured around Goodwill to see if we could find ourselves a little project (as if we don't already have enough on our plates)!! That was a bust, so we headed to Kohl's. I'm a proud card holder and they just sent me a coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket! So we walked around there for a good thirty minutes or so before deciding to purchase new pillows (The Big One's are on sale for $5 each-normally $10) and a few new towels (also on sale!!)!! One more stop at Target and since we had nothing planned, we headed back to my sister's house to grab the boys.

So, back to what I was saying about how I used to be so much fun. Life is definitely different these days, but I couldn't be more blessed. I think that there was a time when I was always on the run trying to find something to fill a void. Now that void has been filled by motherhood and being a homemaker. Just as people always tell me to enjoy my kids because they grow up so quickly, it's important to enjoy every season in your life, because time flies.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!


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