Sunday, January 23, 2011

31 Days of Simple Blessings: Day 10- Keep the Spark Alive

With Valentine's Day appoaching, I'm reminded of one of the resolutions that my hubby & I made for 2011. Although we're still pretty much in the Newlywed stage of our marriage, we've had a lot of changes and adjustments over the past year (new house, new job & state (for Tim) & new baby). Due to these changes, from time to time we forget to put our marriage first and to continue to keep the romance (and sanity) in our relationship. So, one of our resolutions is to plan a date at least once a month. Not just a date night, but we want to try to do something that we haven't already done.

We started our date with dinner downtown and as we sat down, I surprised my hubby with a little something I found in Parents magazine-a Date Night Cheat Sheet!! It's a series of questions to ask during different parts of the meal and was a fun way to open up and talk about things that we don't normally talk about. Click here to download a printable copy from Parents.Com.

Sorry so wrinkled! Did I mention I've been carrying this around for weeks!!
After dinner, we headed to Crackers Comedy Club! So different from anything we've ever done before and it was a blast. The headliner was Sean Kent and he was hilarious!! I lauged so hard that I cried and it was just so much fun to get out and spend some quality alone time! I felt young & fun again!! Sigh!

Date nights are a definite must for any relationship-especially  when you have little ones. Please share any date night tips or ways to keep the spark alive in your marriage!!



Carly said...

You are really good at this blogging stuff my friend! This was a great one and of course you know that I can TOTALLY relate!! I'm glad you two had a good time! xoxo

Tauja Catchings said...

Thanks Carly! I'm kicking myself a bit for the 31 day challenge, but it's been fun!! Date night was a blast! Looking forward to the next one, whenever that'll be!!

Anonymous said...

Great job again, Date nights are very important to a marriage. With work and kids a little time off does wonders for a relationship. We welcome all date night suggestions.

Ky said...

Good post!

Tauja Catchings said...

Thanks Ky! You know all about that spark!! Smile!