Tuesday, January 25, 2011

31 Days of Simple Blessings: Day 12- Creating a Vision Board

I have always believed that we often reap whatever we put out into the world. Our thoughts often become our reality, so it's important to feed yourself positive ones. In my last blog, I wrote about
helping my sister create the Catch the Stars Foundation.

One of our programs, STARS, is an 8-week journey of self-exploration through creativity and journaling. One of my favorite sessions focused on creating a Vision Board. Vision boards are basically collages on which you post things that you want in your life. Back when I did these boards (in my mid-twenties) with our mentoring group, my board often had images of wedding dresses, rings, children, houses, etc because those were the things that I wanted. The idea behind these boards is the law of attraction- by surrounding yourself with things you want (where you want to live, what you want to do, etc), you become those things.

Creating your own board is simple:
Supplies: Glue sticks, scissors, old magazines/books & a piece of poster board (any size works)
1) Cut pictures and words (of things that you want) out of old magazines and books.
2) Use glue sticks (or whatever other adhesive your heart desires) to paste the pictures and words onto a piece of posterboard or heavy stock paper.

My 2011 Vision Board

This is a fun, simple project that can help you to focus on your goals and positivity! It's also a great way to kick off a new year! I put together a quick vision board for 2011! There really aren't any tangible things that I want, but I did include some of my goals for the year-being a good mom & wife, career direction, journaling, reading, excellence, working out, community service & time management to name a few!

It's fun to flex those creative muscles from time to time! Hopefully you'll be inspired to design your own Vision Board!!

I'd love to hear your goals & resolutions for 2011!!


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