Tuesday, January 18, 2011

31 Days of Simple Blessings: Day Five- Morning Routines

Earlier this month one of my favorite bloggers, Inspired Room, posted a blog titled "Jump Start you day with a Simple Five minute routine" and asked readers how they get their days started.  I'd like to share mine (of course it's nowhere near 5 minutes).

I've never been much of a morning person, but having a simple routine helps me start my day on a high note!

1. Read my Daily Devotional:
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to give the first 10-15 minutes of my day to God. To keep this up, I keep my First Light Women's Daily Devotional & Journal next to my bed. It's so refreshing to start my day with a message, plus I like to think its a good way to jumpstart my brain by journaling. Total Time: 10-15 minutes

Our bedroom

2. Make My Bed:  

 As soon as I hop out of bed, I immediately make my bed. There's something about starting the day with a sense of order that feels very Zen. After years of traveling quite a bit, one of the things I enjoyed most was checking into rooms and seeing how perfectly the beds were made. I like to think that I can make a pretty mean bed!! Total Time: Less than 5 minutes

3. Let the Light Shine In:

We have dark curtains plus blinds on our windows-makes for some good sleep but can turn our bedroom into somewhat of a dungeon. Once the bed is made, I pull open the curtains and open our blinds. I love looking out our bedroom window to see what the weather's looking like. Today's forecast-cold, foggy and rainy!! Total Time: Less than 2 minutes

4. Bathroom Stop:
Kan's Cool bed

Before leaving our room to check on the kiddos, I pop into our bathroom for the usual hygiene routine and to put on my super comfy slippers & a sweatshirt (our closets are inside). Total Time: Less than 10 minutes
5. Check on the Kids:
If one of the boys hasn't already woken me up, I'll tiptoe past their rooms to make sure they're  good. If Kanon's awake, chances are, he's already opened his curtains (so cute) & attempted to make his bed.  Total time: Less than 10 minutes
6. Breakfast:
Nothing like a cup of tea to start the day!

Most days, Kan likes Cream of Wheat for breakfast & Kolt gets a bowl of baby oatmeal. No matter what I'm eating, I have to start my day with a cup of hot green tea! Tazo's Zen (green with spearmint & lemongrass) and Thrive (green with botanicals) are my faves.  

Hope your day is off to a great start!! I'd love to hear your morning routines!!




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