Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I Love Goodwill

Polos for Kanon-$1 each

So, today I was reminded why I love Goodwill so very much! Not that I needed reminding, but scoring some great deals always sweetens the deal!

Our local Goodwills have 50% off on the first Saturday of every month. That's 50% off of any and everything! Unbelievable!  It is normally a circus in there on 50 off Saturdays, but the snow detoured a lot of shoppers from venturing out today!! I popped by tonight and practically had the whole shop to myself! Big smile!!

I spent a whopping $33.17 and walked out of there with a bag ful of brand-named goodies for my boys. I had to learn the hard way that it just doesn't pay to spend a lot on kids clothes. With my oldest, I spared no expense-he had the best of the best. But I soon realized that I was throwing money away-so now, I shop much smarter and I'm not too proud to incorporate a little (or a lot of) Goodwill into their closets. Especially since they typically have all of the same brand names that I normally like to buy, but without the hefty brand name prices!

For $33, I bought: 22 kids shirts (mostly Gap, Baby Gap, Polo & Old Navy-$1 each), 1 pair of Baby Gap jeans, 6 pairs of shorts & pants (again Gap, Baby Gap, Gymboree & Old Navy-$1 each), one Carter's onesie outfit and a brand new box of 32 NBA Valentine's ($.50).

Brand new box of 32 NBA Valentines with tattoos-paid $.50

Old Navy Camo fleece for Kan-$1

Adorable polos from Baby Gap

Polo shirt & Baby Gap cargo shorts-$1 each

Super cute cargos for Kan-$1

Gap pants & tee for Kolt

Nice polos for Kan-$1 each
Polo button down shirt-$1
Old Navy shirt & Baby Gap jeans
back of the Old Navy shirt-love it!!

Fun Goodwill Fact: Did you know that the reason they simply put plastic tags on their clothing items is so that you can take things home, wash them, try them on and return them if they don't fit. All clothing can be returned within 7 days with the tag intact and your receipt! How cool is that?

Need I say more??

Are you as hooked on Goodwill as I am? What recent Goodwill purchases have you made?


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Angie @ Thrifty Like Me said...

Great Goodwill finds! I haven't bought my little boy's clothes at a retail store in a looong time. Why when you can get namebrands like GAP at GW? :)