Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Old School Dinner Menu: Sloppy Joes & Tots

Lately my 5-year old has been obsessed with all things old school AKA "things mommy liked when she was a little girl. The Smurfs, Goonies & the Jetsons to name a few.

My hubs has helped foster his love by showing him old NBA footage. He loves watching Michael Jordan's dunks & highlights and thinks it's hilarious that players wore such TINY shorts back in the day.

So, tonight I'm making a meal that's sure to please the young & the old school (hubs & me)!! Click the links for Cooks.Com recipes.

Sloppy Joe Images from

Tater Tots

Ice Cream Floats Image from Martha Stewart

What meals do you like to make for your family? Enjoy!

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