Friday, March 4, 2011

Kanon's Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Junior Varsity Room-love the chalkboard paint & bed!

Now that we've lived in our home for over a year, I'm itching to start painting & redecorating our spaces!! We decided that the perfect place to start is in our five-year old (Kanon's) room. 

His room is the best choice, because at times he feels left out by the attention his baby brother gets. He has thoroughly enjoyed having the spotlight and helping pick out new things for his cool new room.

Whenever I want to make changes in our home, I spend time surfing the net and flipping through my favorite decor blogs & magazines for inspiration.
Kendall Junior Varsity Bedding
After much searching, I stumbled upon the perfect inspiration for Kanon's room at Pottery Barn Kids.   
I quickly pumped my brakes because there was no way that we were going to spend the following:  

Pottery Barn Room Cost:
Catalina Bed- $499
Twin Quilted Bedding-$199
Shams- $26 each
Basketball Scoreboard-$59
5x8 Striped Rug- $299
Pottery barn room: approx $1,300

Here is a BEFORE pic of Kanon's room to give you an idea of what we are working with.  Boring, boring, boring! The biggest change is that he is ready to get rid of his Race Car bed-which kind of broke my heart, but he's a big boy so it's his decision.

Kanon's Room BEFORE pic

His wish list was pretty short. He just wants a cool, new bed and black paint on the walls. I'm onboard with the bed and we compromised on a nice, rich paint color.

Being the avid do-it-on-a-dimer, we had a tight $200 budget to work with.

Please stay tuned! I will reveal pictures of his new room very, very soon!!


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