Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Thrifty Finds-Day 11: Kids Clothes Shopping Tips

My kids are often complimented on how adorable their clothes are. People are always shocked when I tell them that the majority of their clothes come from Good old Goodwill!!! In fact-one of my fave things to look for at thrift stores is kids clothing because their sizes aren't as particular as mine are.

My boys rock Goodwill gear!
My tips for shopping for kids clothes at Goodwill:

1) Find out when your local Goodwill stores have special discount days. For the most part, the only time I hit our stores is on Super Saturday-the first Saturday of every month-because everything is 50% off their already low prices!!

2) Grab any and everything you see. I often load my cart up with anything that has potential, then I go through everything a couple of times to pare down before heading to the cash register.

3) I always buy everything that I like, then head home to wash the entire load of clothes before trying them on my kiddos. Most Goodwills don't use paper tags (they use plastic tags) for this very reason-in fact, they encourage you to take clothes home to wash & try on!! You can return anything that doesn't fit within 7 days.

4) Don't be afraid to go up a size or two. It's highly likely that the majority of the clothes you'll find will be used, so they've been washed a time or two! Some people throw jeans and etc in the dryer-which can cause a bit of shrinkage, so it's always good to be open to not only buying clothing in their size-but also a size or two up. Another perk of Goodwill shopping is that you don't have to be as careful with washing their clothes as you would if you'd paid an arm and a leg for them.

5) It's great to shop for clothes when the seasons change because people are often pulling out clothes that have been stored away and getting rid of whatever doesn't fit. I'm looking forward to hitting Goodwill soon in hopes that I'll find some cute jackets for my boys!

Kolt's Gap jeans-$2 & Polo shirt $1

Gap Distressed lil loose jeans-Reg $34.99 Sale $29.99

Goodwill Price (Reg.$3.99-just $2 on Super Saturdays!) VS. Gap Price ($29.99)

So basically, I scored both the jeans and a nearly new Polo shirt for far less than the price of the jeans alone at Gap!
                                              GOODWILL LOOK #2-for my 6-year old...
Old Navy bootcut jeans-$2 (reg $3.99) & Gap long sleeve 2-in-1 shirt $1 (reg $1.99)

Just wanted to show you how CUTE this shirt is! Love the back!

Old Navy camo fleece-$1 (Reg $1.99)
Gap Boys 2-in-1 polo-$19.95
Old Navy Boy's Fleece Pullover-$14.94
Gap Boys Original fit jeans-$24.95

Total Cost of this Gap & Old Navy Boy's Look-Approx $65
Goodwill version
(Jeans-$2, shirt-$2 & fleece pullover $1)=$5

So there you have it! Since I've started shopping for kid's clothes at Goodwill, I just can't bring myself to shop regular retail. Even when Old Navy deeply discounts their jeans to just $10 a pair-I know I can do better!

Hope you enjoyed these shopping tips!! I'd love to hear about your Goodwill buys!!

Thanks for popping by!

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Brandi said...

Your little guys are adorable! You did so well shopping for them! My favorite thrift store has half off on Mondays.