Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Goodwill Finds: Leather Chair Set

It was another super weekend at our local Goodwill stores! Since it was Super Saturday-which is the first Saturday of every month, everything was was 50% off at all of our local Goodwill stores. One of my girlfriends and I headed from store to store in search of awesome finds.  Here's a quick recap of what I found!

Seriously-a practically new leather chair for $30 (it was priced at $59.99 but was 50% off)!!

The matching ottoman was $10 (priced at $19.99 but 50% off)!

I immediately thought of my husband when I saw this chair-ottoman set because he's been wanting to have a sitting area-space of his own in a corner of our Master Bedroom. Here's his perfect little space!
I purchased a brand new Circo Blast Off 4-piece toddler bedding set for $7.50
(was priced at $14.99 plus 50% off)
Found a hard-to-find Pottery Barn A to Z crib bumper in excellent used condition for $2.50
(was priced at $4.99 plus 50% off)
Purchased a book by one of my son's fave authors for $.034 (priced $.69 plus 50% off)
Purchased a brand new copy of Martha's book-which is perfect since I'm in the process of starting my own Professional Organizing & Decorating business! The book retails for $25-I paid just $1 at Goodwill!!

I've wanted a lazy susan to organize my spice cabinet and found a brand new stainless steel one for $2 (priced at $3.99 plus 50% off)

In addition to these great finds, I also bought four practically or brand new shirts for my boys for just $4!!!

Best of all, I spent around $60 total!! Had I paid retail-these items would've easily totaled around $500! Gotta love Goodwill!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have you scored anything fab from Goodwill lately?

Thanks for popping by!



Carly said...

Once again...VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Love it all!!! xoxo Love and miss you!

Tara said...

Did you use or sale the toddler bedding set? I found your blog through an Internet search for this same set. My son is obsessed. Let me know if you still have it and want to sell! Hope you don't think this is too crazy! :)