Friday, July 22, 2011

My Decor Addiction: Vinyl Decals

If you visited our home, you'd notice a common theme throughout most of our rooms. That common theme would be vinyl decals, which I absolutely love. What a simple & easy way to add some spice to your walls.

Our Front Door Makeover

Amazing how such a minor thing adds so much to our front door!

Remember to cherish each moment.

Message above the window in our guest room.

Our laundry room has a simple inspiring message that's a perfect to read upon leaving the house.

One of my faves-Faith, Family & Friends on our stairwell! Greets guests upon entering our house.

My goal is to turn this wall into a gallery of family pics someday. What a beautiful message.

This was in our son's nursery. Was purchased at Hobby Lobby!

Live. Love. Laugh in our Master bedroom.

Here are 3 reasons that I love using vinyl decals.

1) Much less of a commitment than changing paint colors since most of them can be removed by using a hairdryer.

2) They're super affordable. Heck, I've even purchased them from Dollar Tree. The most expensive vinyl decals I've bought were still around $20.

3) They're so easy to apply. Just place them up & rub them on. Doesn't get much easier than that!

Do you like to decorate with vinyl decals? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for popping by!


L.Lane Designs said...

You're right about wall decals. You can so easily change them and change the whole feel of the room!

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