Monday, July 11, 2011

Vintage Rocking Horse Makeover

Goodwilling is one of my fave hobbies because you never know what you'll find. Last weekend was Super Saturday-which means that any and everything is 50% off at all of our local Indianapolis Goodwill locations. Hubby and I weren't looking for anything specific, but headed over to see what we could find.

And there he...she? Ole' Smokey was! A gorgeous vintage looking rocking horse in need of a bit of a makeover. The wood finish was a bit raggedy, he was missing an eye, his poor tail looked like it'd been chewed to bits and his poor mane was extra nappy! The price was right $5.99 plus 50% off! Yep-just $3!

I'd looked at a similar rocking horse at Restoration Hardware Baby, but it was priced at $149....which is wayyyy more than I can justify spending for a toy that might child may or may not like.

Armed with a wood sanding block, Valspar Primer & a can of Baby Blue Valspar spray paint, I sprung into action bringing Ol' Smokey back to life.

Starting projects with Primer definitely makes a difference!

One coat of Primer & Ole Smokey's already looking better...

Once the Primer dried, I sprayed on a couple coats of Valspar's Baby Blue, waited overnight & sat it outside to air out.

Looks great in our little guy's room!

Ole' Smokey got a makeover & a new home!

I think he's going to be a great addition to our family! Our little guy loves him to pieces!!
I couldn't be happier with how our Vintage Rocking horse makeover turned out! Plus, I think our $3 version looks just as cool as the Restoration Hardware one. My hope is that this will be a heirloom that I can pass down to my grandkids someday!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks for popping by!
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Esther is not-quite-perfect said...

Are you going to put a tail and mane on him? I am assuming he is a he because he is blue and Ole Smokey sounds like a boy's name and I look at him and he likes being a there! phew!!

Tauja @ Simply Mod Mom said...


I agree that Ole Smokey's definitely a he!! As for the tail & mane, I think he's cute without the two...but will probably change my mind down the road! The possibilities are endless!!

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