Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Landscaping Story

I've shared our building story and figured it'd be fun to share our landscaping story too. 

Since we built our home and closed in January, our landscaping was pretty sad.

We were a bit overwhelmed at first but found that the most economical thing to do was to take advantage of free estimates. We had a few local landscape designers come out and give us a good feel for what they felt our yard needed.  From there we put a plan in place and slowly tackled our backyard with one project at a time!!

Be prepared...there are lots of pics in this post!!

March 2010-This was the view from our sunroom....awful!

March 2010-Another view of our backyard in the very beginning!

We've got our hands full-so much to do...on such a tight budget! Sigh!

Our backyard was the pits-the icky erosion control border and a muddy mess!

March 2010-Had a deck built

Kanon's so excited about our new deck-he can finally step out the back doors-yippee!!

March 2010-still nothing but dirt over here

Deck-check, but now we need some sod

Found this playset at a home that was on the market. Called the owner & he sold it to us for $1!

Found some guys on Craigslist to haul it to our house

Lots and lots of watering for our new sod

Some new sod & plants in the front too

Moments like this make our yard worth the wait. Kan loves running and playing outside.

June 30 2010-a friend helped install a paver patio to fill the space on the other side of the sunroom.

It's all starting to come together!

We wanted to connect both areas and decided to make use of the extra pavers to make a path!

View from the entry road-it's starting to look great!!

Patio paver path

Our new dining set from Big Lots! Love it-sturdy, stylish & on sale!!!

Deck was stained September 2010

Love our dining area...but of course I'm itching to add an area rug & some planters!! Soon Taj...soon!

First project of the Spring was the awesome pergola! Bought it at Sam's Club-loooove it!

Our little shrubs sure could use some loving!

We had these trees planted in the Fall 2010 & wanted to define the area with a mulch bed!

Tim took a day off to have mulch delivered & to work on the mulch beds!!

Ta-da...the mulch areas look great!

A close up of our Spruce trio!
The patio area got some fresh mulching too!
Love the curves in the mulch beds-adds nice definition to our yard!
Another view of the back area!
Our Goodwill chair makeover!
We connected the front mulch bed to the it!

April 2011-it's beginning to feel much more together!

May 2011-still work to do, but we've come a LONG way!

July 2011-the grass has greened and is growing in!
We love sitting under the pergola on breezier nights! It'll be fun to roast marshmallows in the Fall!

July 2011-view of our back deck! Love the simple Dollar Tree flag that we hung in honor of Independence Day!

Front yard landscaping-love the vinyl "Welcome" decal on our front door & our Lowe's flower baskets.

July 2011-love how the grass has grown in!

Our front and side yard-finally got the sod in and it's coming together. Of course now, we're losing one of a couple of our Spruces and will have to replace them in the Fall! Landscaping is a never ending project!!

August 2011-Front view of our house/yard-looking forward to planting more flowers and shrubs next year!

My porch planters are holding up great despite the heat! Water, water and more water!

Not bad for a year's worth of work! It's still a work in progress, but our backyard is quickly being transformed into our nice little retreat-complete with an area for the kids to play, a dining space  & our pergola patio for relaxing & making S'mores on the firepit.

I'd love to hear about your landscaping projects!! Thanks for popping by!Photobucket


Amanda said...

I just posted my landscaping project. Jeeze, how sad and sorry mine looks. :( I could use a creative eye... like yours... since your yard looks fantastic! :) A million thanks!

Amanda said...

Thank you for your quick reply and the kind words about my entryway transformation. I have landscapers stopping by all next week, so we'll see what ideas/prices we can get out of them. :)