Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

 A week or so ago, if you would've asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day-I would have told you that I want one whole day to myself. No boys, just me, me, me!! A day that I can wake up when I feel like waking up (versus waking up to one child screaming on the monitor or the other jumping into bed with me), do whatever I want to do (even if that means laying around watching TV uninterupted) and go wherever I want (without hauling a 10 lb diaper bag, 20 lb child & dragging an unwilling & unenthusiastic 5-year old along)!! 
My Mother's Day gift from Kanon

But let's face it-even if I was blessed enough to have a day without the kiddos, I'd probably spend it by shopping for them, missing them and feeling guilty for being away from them. 

A few days ago I was frustrated and overwhelmed-so much to do, so little time to get it all done. But somehow, just after picking Kanon up from school I was reminded of what really matters in life-my boys. He hopped in the car and couldn't wait to reach into his school bucket to give me the Mother's Day Gift that he made just-for-me!! It's a simple cup with green tissue paper & a paper flower stemming from it. The middle of the flower says-I love My Mom because and all of the petals list the reasons that he loves me.....

-She makes good steak.
-She cleans the house.
-She looks pretty in the sunshine outside.
-She plays basketball with me.
-She takes me to the gym.
-She reads to me before bed.

How sweet!! This precious little gift absolutely melted my heart! It made me feel so special to know that the simplest things are what make him love me most! My presence is a present! Sometimes as parents we tend to spoil our kids with things yet the thing that they appreciate most is us-our time, our undivided attention!!

So, if you were to ask me how I want to spend my Mother's Day-I'd have to say-by just relaxing, enjoying & appreciating my hubby & my boys! God has been so good to me-my little guys are such a blessing and my life wouldn't be complete without them.

Years back when I was pregnant with Kanon, I remember hearing mother's tell me to enjoy every minute-the good and the not so good-because they grow up so quickly! It's oh so true-my little angel will be heading to Kindergarten in a few months-big sigh! Be present & embrace every step, every second & every day!

Just wanted to share this with each of you and wish you a very special & magical Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Well stated, each day is a blessing. Children grow up fast. Kanon and Kolton are so blessed to have such a wonderful caring Mom.

Carly said...

This was a GREAT post! It really puts life into prospective. That has to be one of the best gifts a Mommy could ever get! Knowing that those words came from him is just priceless!!! I love that boy!!! He is such a sweetheart!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! xoxo