Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Simplify Finale

I'm so excited that this is the fifth and final week of Simple Mom's Project Simplify. The purpose of the 5-week project is to simplify & declutter different areas in our homes. Week one focused on the Master Closet, week two was clearing Paper Clutter, three dealt with Kids Toys & Clothes and last week focused on getting your Kitchen & Pantry areas in order. It's never too late to tackle those spaces. Plus, Simple Mom's tips make clearing those areas so much easier.

Sounds like she got a lot of emails and comments from followers requesting that she select certain areas, so she decided to leave the final week up to participants.  
The area that I've chosen to work on is my home office AKA my Mom Cave. As you can see by the pictures-this space was previously Kolt's bedroom. A few weeks ago, we got the itch to do some rearranging so we moved him into the bigger bedroom (which was our guest room) and my old downstairs office is now our Guest Room.

I love how tiny & cozy this space is and can't wait to show you pictures of the transformation.

What rooms in your home are in need of a little TLC? Thanks for popping by!


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