Thursday, December 1, 2011

My So-Called Slipcover

PB's Holiday Anywhere Chairs
I've been obsessed with finding the perfect chair for my little guy's room. I wanted something cute and comfy-the perfect little chair for grabbing a book or just cuddling with one of his plushy, stuffed friends.

My first thought was to just splurge on a Pottery Barn Anywhere chair-aren't they the cutest?!

But then reality set in (in the form of a $100 plus price tag)! So I knew I had to find another option! Armed with my inspiration photo below-I was up for the challenge of re-creating this look for less!!

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

During a trip to Tuesday Morning, I spotted this adorable little chair. Well let's be really wasn't so adorable at first glance. The animal print is just a wee bit much for my taste-but the chair had potential. Super comfy, well made, plus it's a combo chair/rocker-adorable. It was on Clearance for just $35 plus an additional 50% off-so I scored it for $17.
I found the perfect blue twill fabric at Garden Ridge. Also on Clearance-25 cents for 2 yards!!! I grabbed every decent fabric they had and still managed to spend just under $2. Amazing!!

Here it is! My so-called slipcover!

After perusing the web for slipcover tutorials, I stumbled upon the perfect one-The Laziest Slipcover Tutorial Ever-over at Pink & Polka Dot.

This was my very first slipcover and despite most blogs making it look oh so easy-it was a lot of work and it didn't turn out as perfectly as I'd hoped.

I was actually a bit disappointed with how mine turned out, but my disappointment faded when my little guy jumped into his cool new chair the next morning!! He was sooo excited!! 

He likes it, he really likes it!!!

His Monkeys are loving his new chair too!

I honestly thought long and hard before writing this post because often times when you look at blogs people write about their triumphs versus their attempts. You generally see perfectly decorated spaces or beautifully crafted projects.

My main reason for sharing is because I think so many of us Moms can agree that we try so hard to be perfect when the quest for perfection only sets us up for disappointments. Believe it or not, kids don't need much and they definitely aren't judging us as hard as we tend to judge ourselves. The look on my son's face when he saw his new chair was just priceless. He didn't notice the flaws-he was just HAPPY!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories about projects gone wrong or parenting general!!

Thanks for popping by!
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Brandi said...

Tauja! I think you did a perfect job! I have never tried slip covering a chair- the thought of it makes me nervous! You did great and your son is happy and that's all that matters.

Carly said...

First of all my BFF, you did an AMAZING job!!! You have done FAR more than most people would! It looks GREAT!! I'm so proud of you! You are such a fantastic Mommy!! I'm over here cracking up because I tried to sew a button onto Jeff's pants once and while he was at work, wearing those pants, the button popped off and flew across the room! So, I don't really foresee any slip covers in my future! ;0P I am REALLY glad however that our children love us despite our mistakes and imperfections! I'm kind of banking on that one! ;0D