Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Decor: Easy Advent Calendar

I've seen tons of super cute advent calendars all over the place. Since I'm cheap thrifty, I decided to recreate my own.

Supplies used: blank art canvas, paint (spray paint works), matchbooks (24), scrapbooking paper, stickers, velcro & tape (glue or Mod Podge works too)

1) First step was to simply spray paint the canvas. I used Rustoleum's brown since it was already in my garage.

2) While the canvas is drying, it's time to work on whip out the matchbooks & scrapbook paper. Cut strips of the paper, wrap around each matchbook and seal the back with glue or tape.

3) Decorate the front of each wrapped matchbook with number stickers for each of the first 24 days of the month.

4) Once the canvas is dry-figure out how you want to arrange each the matchbooks ( I went for a Christmas tree design) and start applying the velcro tabs onto both the canvas & back of the matchbooks.

5) That's pretty much it-once it's complete you can insert small gifts or notes for every day leading up to Christmas! Today's special message revealed that we'd be having breakfast for dinner which is one of my oldest son's favorite things!!

Most of our advent days are filled with fun (and free) family activities like hopping in the car to check out Christmas lights, decorating cookies, making ornaments/crafts, watching Polar Express, reading a fun Christmas story, enjoying some hot cocoa (with extra whipped cream)....and the list goes on!!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or fun ideas for Advent Calendar activities!!!

Thanks for popping by!!

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